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80’s Slang

Airhead             n. A stupid or unaware person; moron, dim-wit. Origin: term implies that there is nothing but air in  the subject's head. ("He's confused again. What an airhead!")  Unrenounced to popular belief, Valley Girls did not invent this word.  It was used to describe them.

awesome            \Awe"some\, a. 1. Causing awe; appalling; awful; as, an awesome sight.  In the 80's, if something was cool, it was awesome.  See also bad.

bad                    adj. very good, excellent; Cool, Awesome. See also awesome.

bad to the bone           The group George Thorogood & the Destroyers had a hit in the early 80's that had started this quote.  The movie Fast Times At Ridgmont High was bad to the bone!  See also bad.

barf bag           A type of insult.  Something Jo on The Facts of Life might of called Blair for spilling something on her homework.

barf me out      You might of heard this come from a Valley Girl after you've said something offensive to her.  Also used to describe something you do not particularly like.

bimbette           The use of bimbo would of been too outdated for use in the 80's.  Bimbette would be used instead of calling a girl a "slut".  Also used to describe a girl who is stupid.

bodacious          An 80's guy's way to describe a woman who had a beautiful body.  “She is has a bodacious set of ta-tas.” from Officer and a Gentleman.  See ta tas

bogus                 Unfair or unfortunate.  Having one night to do a term paper is so bogus!

boinking             Having sex.  Some say Bruce Willis's character on Moonlighting created this word.

boy toy             A word to describe a girl being a toy for a guy.  Madonna invented this one with her "Boy Toy"                          belt on her 1984 Like a Virgin album.

butt ugly           Adj. Unattractive to the sight.

chill                   v 1. to relax; hang out. Let's go chill at your place.  Dude, just chill.  Made popular during the rap phase of the 80's.

choice               Extremely Cool

chocoholic         Word to describe a person addicted to chocolate.  Became a somewhat popular word during the Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" era.

couch potato                 Someone who sits in front of the TV on their couch or sofa.  With the boom of cable, MTV  and home video, more people parked their butts on their couches.  Hence the term couch potato.

crack                 The most addictive form of cocaine.   Not in the form of powder, but crystallized into a hardened form used to smoke.  Popularized in 1985.  Term used when someone is acting stupid, “Are you smoking crack?”

deep sh-t         Word meaning you were in trouble.  “We are in deep sh-t!”

dipstick             n  An unintelligent person; moron, dim-wit; idiot.  Popularized by "Boss Hogg" on TV's The Dukes of Hazzard.

ditz                   A less harsh way of describing a person who is not very smart.  See also airhead.

dweeb               Geek, nerd.  Someone who is not "in"..

eat my shorts               Phrase used as a comeback.  Heavily in use in the 80's and also used on TV's The Simpsons.  If someone was to put you down in anyway, you can reply with this phrase.

eat sh-t and die          An extreme phrase and implies death on the part of the person on the receiving end.  Most of the time, not literally.  Used in the mid-80's.

for sure / fer shur      To stress what you are saying.  Usually in a valley type accent.  Fer shur, fer shur dude!

F--k'n A          General displeasure of and event and also can be used to show that someone likes something immensely. “F---'n A, this traffic is terrible!” -or-   “F---'n A, the Prince concert was awesome!”

gag me with a spoon   A typical Valley Girl response to something you dislike.  Not meant to be taken literally.

galpal                a spin on boy toy, used to describe a guy's girlfriend or a girl's girlfriend.  

gnarly                Very good.  Not commonly used today.  “She is gnarly!”

grody                really, really gross. Sometimes used with: “Grody to the max!”  Max being a degree of grossness.

gross out / grotesque        To make someone sick.  Most of the time - not literally.

hacker               Computer genius.  In WarGames, Mathew Broderick played a hacker.

have a cow        Being overly excited or to make a big deal out of something. “My mom was going to have a cow over my outfit.”

hellacious          Bad, not good.  “Those were some hellacious waves, man.”

homeboy            Used in the early 80's to describe someone who is a gang banger.  

Hoser / hose-head       Loser, jerk.  Rob Moranis & Dave Thomas as "Bob and Doug McKenzie"  in “Strange Brew” made this a popular slang word.  See also take off / take off to the great white          north.

joystick             A new word, that was a name for an accessory used with the Atari 2600.

"Just Say No"        First Lady, Nancy Reagan's slogan of the early 80's.  Sometimes thought of as an oversimplified slogan aimed to teach kids not to use drugs.

lame                  Used to describe something or someone who is not cool or acceptable. “Just Say No was lame.”

like                    A word used before every sentence in the 80's.  "Like, are you going to the prom?"

major                To stress something you say, immensely.  "You are a major dipstick, Major!"

mall chick          Girl who spends most of her time at the mall.  Big meeting place of the 80's.

new wave          A type of heavily synthesized pop music performed by groups like A Flock of Seagulls, Duran                          Duran, The Busboys, Thompson Twins and Eurasure. A form of disco that had an essence of the future.  This spun off people who dressed "new wave".  Lots of mouse or gel in the hair, makeup on  the face, loud colors, etc.  See punk rocker.

out the door           A suffix used at the end of a phrase.  "Gag me out the door."  Meaning, something gaged them so much they had to leave the room.

party hearty / party hardy     To party excessively. “Yo man, we TOTALLY party heartied last night.”

PC                      Personal Computer (early 80s)

punk rocker       Big hair either stiffly spiked all around or in a mowhawk, hair normally of various colors, either dark cloths and overcoats, or totally over the edge bright cloths, dark makeup, .  See new wave.

preppie              A collegiate type, someone who wore Polo or Izod shirts, deck shoes and a cloth belt. THE outfit was beige pants, pink polo, green sweater, deck shoes with penny on top and no socks.  Preppies usually grew up to be yuppies.  See also yuppies.

psych                A term meaning "gotcha"!  Psych was usually used after telling someone something not true.

Rad / radical    If something is rad, it's not only attractive, it's attractive immensely. “That car is totally rad.”

rap                    Speaking or singing rhythmically over a beat in the background.  One who raps is a rapper.

road pizza         Road kill. A dead animal on the road.

rush / head rush    Big thrill.  "That roller coaster was such a head rush"!

scumbag            An undesirable  person.

Sh--ting bricks      One that is extremely nervous, wound up.  “When I got pulled over, I was sh-tting bricks.”

skank                 1. Physically dirty, filth 2. Immorally dirty. 3. Disapproval. 4. Slut.  “That girl is like such a skank.”

slut                   A girl that gets around, advertises herself as easy with revealing cloths.

Spaz / spazzing            Overly excited.  An exaggeration of being excited.  “Kim is a totally spaz.”

stoked               To be ready to do something.  “We were totally stoked about the party.”

stud                  A macho guy, man or teenager.  Guys used to call each other studs as well as woman referring to  a good looking guy as a stud.  Also used to describe a man who is sexually active. “What a stud.”

sucks                 Disapproval of something or someone.  "This sucks". -or- "He sucks".

ta-tas               A woman's breasts. See bodacious.

take off eh                 A Canadian expression made popular by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas who played "Bob and Doug McKenzie" in the beer guzzling movie Strange Brew. They emphasized the Canadian accent              in their movies and recordings.  Saying 'eh after each sentence. See also hoser.

to the max       To the extreme.  Taking it to the max or maximum level.  “That outfit was awesome to the max”

totally               Another way to stress what one is saying.  "That is totally tubular".  -or- "School is totally uncool".

tubular              Something that is cool.  Something overwhelming. "Tubular, totally tubular."

UV                     Ultraviolet rays.  "I'm going to the beach to catch some UV's."

Valley Girl         Airheaded, spoiled girls in California's San Fernando Valley. Later, valley girl talk or valspeak                          inhabited the 80s across America.  A Valley Girl would of said something like: "That stud is like, omygod, so rad!"

veg                    Term used to describe chilling out or taking it easy.  Derived from the word vegetable, vegetate, or someone who is paralyzed.  “We just sat back and vegged.”  See also couch potato.

wannabe            A person who would like to be like someone else. Usually a pop star or a person in the public eye.  “She is like SUCH a Madonna wannabe, it isn’t funny.” 

wicked               Another word for good, radical or bad.  See radical and bad.  "She is wicked nice."

yuppie                Young urban professional -or- young upwardly mobile professional.  A well educated, career oriented, almost always white and driven by lots of money.  This person is also into the social  scene especially if it could better their business or career.

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