Class of 1985

Santa Teresa Saints

Remember When...


President:  Ronald Reagan

                (Jan. 20, 1985 started second term)

Vice President:  George Bush

Population:  237,923,795

Life Expectancy:  74.7

Dow-Jones High: 1,553

Dow-Jones Low:  1,184

Federal debt:  $1817.5 Billion

Inflation:  3.6%

Prime Rate:  drops to 10%

Unemployment:  7.5%


Daily Life

America’s Top 10 TV Shows


1. The Cosby Show

2. Family Ties

3. Murder She Wrote

4. 60 Minutes

5. Cheers


World News and Facts


Ž August 16—Carmaker John DeLorean is acquitted of all eight counts of possessing and distributing cocaine do to entrapment.

Ž September 5—The Space Shuttle discovery lands after it’s maiden voyage.

Ž September 26—the UK and People’s Republic of China sign initial agreement of the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Ž October 26The Terminator premiers staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Ž January 1-Creation of the Internet’s “Domain Name System”

Ž February 19– Artificial heart patient William Schroeder becomes the first such patient to leave hospital.

Ž May 8—New Coke is released on the 99th anniversary of Coca-cola.  It will later become a major flop with consumers.

Ž July 10—After a storm of controversy surrounding a change in its cola's formula Coca-Cola re-introduces the old formula as “Coca-Cola Classic”

Unknown Dates

Ž Wendy’s Hamburgers fires Clara Peller, 84 (Where’s the Beef?) after she did the Prego spaghetti sauce ad saying, “I found it!”

Ž Rock Hudson admits his battle with AIDS, then dies.

Ž Wrestle mania is introduced.

Ž Reports indicate health hazards of artificial sweeteners, dyes, & caffeine.

Ž Photo’s of missing children are put onto milk cartons for the first time.

Ž Madonna launches her first road show, the Virgin Tour.

Ž First year of the commercial "I've fallen and I can't get up!”

6.         Dallas

7.         Dynasty

8.         The Golden Girls

9.         Miami Vice

10.       Who’s the Boss?


Cost of new home: $100,800.00

Median Household Income:  $23, 618.00

Cost of stamp:  20¢

Cost of a gallon of regular gas:  $1.20

Cost of dozen eggs: 80¢

Cost of gallon of milk:  $2.26

4.         Out of Africa

5.         The Color Purple

9.         St. Elmo’s Fire

10. The Breakfast Club

11. The Goonies

12. The Jagged Edge

13. The Jewel of the Nile

14. Volunteers

15. Weird Science

16. Witness

Top Movies


1. Back to the Future

2. Rambo: First Blood Part 2

3. Rocky IV


Other Movie Releases


1. Cocoon

2. Code of Silence

3. Commando

4. Desperately Seeking Susan

5. European Vacation

6. Fletch

7. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

8. Spies Like Us


New Sayings and Words

White Knight, golden parachute, poison pill, junk bonds.


What’s In?

Salad Bars

Video Rentals-The rental income equals movie theater receipts in 1985.

Barbie Dolls-They surpassed the number of the American population.

T.V.-Nielson survey reports that children spend more time in front of the TV than in a classroom when they graduate High School.




Superbowl XX:  Chicago Bears 46, New England 10

Pro MVP:  Marcus Allen, LA Raiders, RB & Walter Payton, Chicago RB



NBA Championship Winner:  LA Lakers (vs. Boston)

NBA MVP:  Larry Bird, Boston, F (Avg. Score 28.7)



World Series Winner:  Kansas City (vs. St. Louise Cardinals)

National League MVP:  Willie McGee, St. Louise Cards, OF

Rookie of the Year:  Vince Coleman, St. Louise Cards, P


American League MVP:  Don Mattingly, NY, 1B

Rookie of the Year:  Ozzie Guillen, Chicago, SS


Ž November 2—Martin Luther King Day bill signed creating a federal holiday on the third Monday of every January in honor of the American civil rights leader.

Ž May 25—Return of the Jedi premiers in theaters.



Ž January 1-AT&T is broken up into 22 independent units

Ž January 9-Clara Peller is featured in the “Where’s the Beef?” commercial Campaign for the first time for Wendy’s.

Ž January 23—Pop Star Michael Jackson’s scalp is seriously burned by pyrotechnics during filming of a Pepsi commercial.

Ž January 24—The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.

Ž May 8—The Solviet Union announces that it will boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, CA



Ž July 1—the Reverend Sun Myung Moon marries 4,150 of his followers at New York City’s Madison Sq. Garden.

Ž July 23—The International Whaling commission decides to end commercial whaling by 1985-1986.

Ž September 15-Princes Grace of Monaco dies from injuries sustained in a car crash the previous day.

Ž September 29 to October 1 - The “Tylenol Scare” is sparked after seven people in the Chicago area die after ingesting capsules laced with potassium cyanide.

Ž December 2—61 year old Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart. (he lived 112 days)

Ž A brief but severe recession begins in the U.S.



Ž February 7—Iran opens an invasion on the southeast of Iraq.

Ž March 1 Duran Duran’s album Rio goes gold

Ž March 8 President Reagan calls the Soviet Union and “evil empire”

Ž March 23—The ”Strategic Defense Initiative” is proposed by President Reagan as a technology to intercept enemy missiles.  It is dubbed “Star Wars”.

Ž March 25—Michael Jackson performs his “Moonwalk” dance on Motown 25 TV special (shown May 16) while singing Billie Jean.

Ž April 7—Astronauts Story Musgrave & Don Peterson perform the first space shuttle spacewalk. (duration 4hrs, 10min)



Ž October 6—Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is assassinated during a parade by those that opposed his negotiations with Isreal.

Ž November 9—Celine Dion’s first album is released.

Ž November 23—Iran-Contra scandal-President Reagan signs the top secret directive to support and recruit Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

Ž November 30—Cold War-In Geneva, representatives from US and Soviet Union begin to negotiate intermediate-range nuclear weapon reductions in Europe.

Ž December 28—The first American test tube baby, Elizabeth Jordan Car is born in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ž US President Reagan appoints the first female US Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor.

Ž Ms. Pac-Man Video Game is introduced in US

Ž The IBM PC released


Ž March 26—A ground breaking ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is held in WA, DC

Ž April 2—Falklands War-Argentina invades the British-owned Falkland Islands

Ž April 17—By Proclamation of the Queen of Canada repatriates its constitution granting full political independence from the UK with their new bill of rights.

Ž May 2—The Weather Channel goes on the air.

Ž May 28—Rocky III with Sylvester Stallone premiers.

Ž June 2—first Bomb, later attributed to Unabomber, injures professor Diogenes Angelokos at Univ. of Berkeley.

Ž June 6—1982 Lebanon War begins

Ž June 11—E.T. the Extra Terrestrial premiered.

Ž Super Pac Man introduced to US


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